Photowalk in Somanya

The Manya Krobo area in the Eastern region of Ghana is know for bead making and is a vibrant community.  A group of 15 photographers from the PhotowalkGh community visited Cedi Beads Factory and continued into town to have an experience of their vibrant market.

During the walk, we learnt taken through the processes and techniques of bead making.

We gained some knowledge about the following type of beads.

  1. Recycled antique beads (Traditional)
  2. Recycled transparent glass beads (Traditional)
  3. Powdered beads (Traditional)
  4. Glazed beads (Traditional)
  5. Bodom beads (Traditional)
  6. Lampwork beads – using oxygen and propane
  7. Chevron – using the venation technique

Below are some images captured during the walk on the 23rd June.




A natural Beauty

Time on the beach

Sunday is a day of relaxation for most people. For some people, the beach is just the perfect place to relax and spend quality time. Its a perfect place to get some relief from stress from the weeks activities.

Adrenaline Junkies

They are not Moto GP riders. They ride for so many other reasons. Some of them are business owners, some work in the corporate world. Bikers are not a bunch of guys who don’t do anything. They have a day job, they have families, they have wives and children who they care about and who care about them.

After a long week of running around as a business owner to make a living to take care of other needs and their families. On a Sunday it feels great to get geared up,  fuel up, pick a route for the days ride to liberate yourself. Getting geared is very important for unforeseen eventualities. If you respect your passion safety is a main priority.