Black is beautiful


The African skin is beautiful





Beautiful African Tradition

In this post i explore the beauty of the beautiful art displayed in traditional head gears or head wraps.

Photowalk in Somanya

The Manya Krobo area in the Eastern region of Ghana is know for bead making and is a vibrant community.  A group of 15 photographers from the PhotowalkGh community visited Cedi Beads Factory and continued into town to have an experience of their vibrant market.

During the walk, we learnt taken through the processes and techniques of bead making.

We gained some knowledge about the following type of beads.

  1. Recycled antique beads (Traditional)
  2. Recycled transparent glass beads (Traditional)
  3. Powdered beads (Traditional)
  4. Glazed beads (Traditional)
  5. Bodom beads (Traditional)
  6. Lampwork beads – using oxygen and propane
  7. Chevron – using the venation technique

Below are some images captured during the walk on the 23rd June.